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Captain Kai Tinga


Captain Kai Tinga has more than 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry having started as a helicopter pilot with the Kenya Army. Since then he has flown short haul and long haul commercial flights. Today, he is known as one of the few pilots in Kenya who is rated to fly a wide range of aircrafts from helicopters to fixed wings and large commercial jets. Captain Tinga holds an executive masters in Aviation Business Management from Moi University, alongside a myriad of aviation specific certifications such as the Trainair Plus Instructors and Training Developers certification from ICAO, Bell Helicopters Training from Texas USA, and Aviation Safety from Comair Ltd South Africa, among others. He is also a KCAA Approved examiner and check Pilot

Captain Kai Tinga is now the CEO at Penial Air Limited, a company that encompasses his love for aviation and his dream to build an internationally recognized air service provider. In the 13 years in which he has built up his dream aviation service company, those that have worked with him know him as an enthusiastic and charismatic leader with a heart for his people.

Captain Ledama Surtan

Chief Pilot

Captain Ledama Surtan is the Chief Pilot and Head of Operations at Penial Air Limited. He holds an Air Transport Pilot License and is rated on a wide range of aircraft including the Boeing 737-300, Cessna 208B, Beechcraft 200 and Seneca PA34. He also holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of South Africa. He manages the entire team of pilots and flight dispatchers at Penial Air.

Douglas Gathumbi

Head of Maintenance

Douglas Gathumbi, Penials’ head of maintenance, carries more than 10 years of experience in aviation-engineering. He is also a Designated Kenya Civil Aviation Authority AMEL Examiner. He holds an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s license from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, a certification in Boeing Inspection from Boeing, GE 90-115B certification from GE Training center Cincinnati USA, among others. Douglas is responsible for ensuring the continued airworthiness of all Penial Air aircraft.

Linah Kazungu

Head of Quality

Linah Kazungu is the Head of Quality at Penial Air and she ensures that the company is fully compliant with the KCAA regulations. She holds a Diploma in Aeronautical engineering and  Avionics from KNEC and a Certificate in Quality management systems among other aviation certifications.

She joined Penial Air in January 2016, as an aircraft technician and has since grown into her current position.

Josphat Mwangi

Head of Safety

Josphat Mwangi is the Head of Safety at Penial Air. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Aviation degree from Moi University, has a Diploma in Flight operations from the East Africa School of Aviation, a certificate in Safety Management Systems and is a CPA K.

Mercy Mutiso


Mercy Mutiso holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Nairobi, a Diploma in Flight Operations and a Certificate in Dangerous Goods Regulations (CAT 6) and is also a CPA finalist.

Mercy has been with Penial Air Limited since 2016 as an accountant and has grown into a key member of the Penial Air team.